Andrea Morucchio (Venice 1967) After receiving a degree in Political Science from the University of Padua,
Andrea Morucchio began his photographic career in 1989.

Since the end of the ’90s, he has expanded his own linguistic research – often based on considerations of a socio-political nature – in various directions, from sculpture to installation, from video to photography and performance.
In his dazzling career, Morucchio has practised the most diverse instruments and genres of contemporary artistic research, using the new media of visual communication in a prestigious way, adapting them each time to his own ideas and existential experiences.

He has been able to see with new eyes, even managing to hybridise different languages into a magnificent material and expressive composite – through refined alchemy and mental subtleties: figures, sounds, gestures, words, but remaining, despite the variety of formal solutions,
coherent with the instances of a thought of the image, of the image of nature and life, of things and the world,
investigating with equal inexorable lucidity, both the recesses of the psyche and the dramas of existence.
Puzzling Pop Project
Morucchio with the series Puzzling My Top Pop Icons selects one hundred celebrities from the world of entertainment (music, cinema, sports) who since the 1970s have inevitably accompanied in the decades to come and in some way influenced the development of the artist’s imaginative sphere as well as that of many of his age.

The artist brings to life a personal “Pantheon” of “deities” created by the Entertainment Society in the last fifty years; an exclusive selection of musicians, actors and sportsmen who, while belonging to the dominant communicative system possess cultural depth, qualities and abilities immensely superior to their contemporary counterparts imposed by mainstream propaganda on a public increasingly less capable of critically evaluating what is imposed on them on unified networks.

This fusion of iconic images with the delicate beauty of the color fields of butterfly wing details adds depth and symbolism to the portraits, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexity and influence of these figures in our collective imagination.
Photoart “Endless journey”

Puzzeling art

About the Puzzling project
Andrea Morucchio’s Puzzling project is enriched with a new series of works
entitled Puzzling Pop; instead of the tiles that reproduce the floor of
the Basilica of San Marco the artist has collected thousands of images
of butterfly wings that he uses to revisit a selection of works by masters
of Pop Art.
The development of the Puzzling project in reinterpreting subjects
of Renaissance pictorial art has stimulated Morucchio to expand the range
of action by confronting the artistic movement which, since the end of
the 1950s, has introduced a new figuration and first investigated the
communication system standardized and standardizing of the nascent
consumer society.
The vivid colors of Andy Warhol’s show icons are
reinterpreted through the collage technique using the photographic
details of butterfly wings from around the world whose colors are
equally saturated and vivid.

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Puzzling Press review

Andrea Morucchio
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