Zarah Flesser

She was born 1978 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
She was raised in Helsingborg, by her mother from Copenhagen and her father from Budapest.
Art has been around her all of her life–in her childhood home, and in the family-owned gallery, in which she from an early age experienced modern art and met internationally renowned artists, such as Oscar Reutersvärd,Bengt Lindström, Bengt Olson, Kiro Urdin, Alan Davie, August Puig and Midiani, to name a few.

From a family of artists and artisans herself, she is now a full-time artist, while also running and co-owning the family gallery in Helsingborg.
In 2020, one of her paintings was chosen to be part of an exhibition curated by Lars Nittve, former museum director of Tate Modern, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Zarah’s work is based on traditional acrylic painting, mixed with less conventional collage
techniques using reflective and holographic foils, lending her paintings a quality not easily
captured in photos.Her art appears different depending on light, environment, and viewing

This transformative characteristic meshes naturally with the dream-like images the
paintings themself invoke.They are abstract, yet recognizable, like a distant memory. Urban
landscapes and mundane man-made structures such as high rises, or parking lots, become
ethereal in Zarah’s paintings, while colorful vegetation and humoristic details become more
apparent with each viewing.

As the light changes with the hours of the day, new expressions,
colors and ideas emerge from her paintings, determined by when, and where you view them.