Andrea Morucchio “Mona Lisa” Digital print

32,000.00 kr

Andrea Moruchhio
Mona Lisa
Puzzling Renaissance series
Revisiting Leonardo da
Vinci’s Mona Lisa
Digital print on ultra hd paper +
acrylic glass
Edition: 20
Size: 77×53 cm 2018
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Mona Lisa
Puzzling Renaissance series
Revisiting Leonardo da
Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Puzzling classic – Revisiting Renaissance & Baroque paintings
Puzzling is the name of a digital art project started in 2015
by Andrea Morucchio.

In that year, the Venetian artist on the occasion
the 56th Venice Biennale had presented as part of the MUVE Contemporaneo
exhibition project the multimedia installation The Rape of Venice at the
Palazzo Mocenigo Museum in Venice.One of the most significant elements of
the installation consisted of thousands of randomly recombined photographic
tiles that deconstructed the mosaic floor of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice;
more than five thousand different photographic tiles of geometric,
phytomorphic and zoomorphic motifs were printed on a walkable vinyl surface
that was glued to the floor of the exhibition space.

With the Puzzling project, these tiles are rearranged and repositioned
in the form of a mosaic to recreate/reinterpret the paintings of past
masters that Morucchio particularly loved.

The main subjects of the reinterpretation process of the ‘Puzzling’ project
are a selection of paintings by great masters, mainly Italian Renaissance
and Baroque painters, who through portraiture represent historical,
religious or mythological figures.


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