I wish you a warm welcome to my second exhibition as HOLSTAM!
A new artistry devoted to my abstract painting.
I’m really looking forward to show my new works for all of you at Magnusson fine wine in Stockholm.
The exhibition continues until May 7th
“HOLSTAM” is the alter ego of both the artist and his artistry, an abstract character of flesh and blood.

Stylistically, Jon Holm is seen by many as a photorealist, an artist who chooses his motifs, materials and presentation along traditional (although by no means conventional) lines. This view of the artist reflects a conscious choice that Holm made early in his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, when he digressed from abstract conceptualism to concentrate on its roots in art history. He turned back the clock, in order to learn the craft of figurative painting on an advanced level. What began as an experiment became a body of work.

Fifteen years have passed and the artist wants to experiment again. Holm wants to know what lies at the heart of true artistry. With this exhibition he means to tell the viewer, “This is what I see!” then ask, “What do you feel?”

What happens when you start all over again? What happens when you change a concept, alter a pattern and redirect one’s artistry from the golden ratio of figurative orthodoxy to the intentional disarray of this new work?

Frederic Love