About Alessandro Lupi
Born 1975 in Genoa, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Education: 2000 Degree in Fine Arts, Accademia Ligustica Di Belle Arti, Genoa, Italy

Available works

He has exhibited, among others, at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Uffizi Museum, the Verket Museum in Avesta, Sweden, and the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin.
In 2008, during the Havana Biennial, he produced an installation which is permanently exhibited in the spaces of the Esquela Nacional de Bellas Artes S. Alejandro.

In 2010 he inaugurated a permanent sculpture in the Trubar House of Literature,
commissioned by the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on its nomination as UNESCO World Book Capital.
Alessandr Lupi’s artistic research centre starts from light and develops with
installations and new techniques where colur, space, and time blend dynamically.
Each work focuses on the concept of “inversion”, i.e. the possibility of offering the viewer a point of view contrary to the expected or foreseeable one, with works that explore the dichotomies light-shadow, present-past, interiorexterior, freedom-prison, life-death and cancel them out in the contemporary perception of the two aspects.

Public works

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Alessandro Lupi

Alessandro Lupi
Fragment of reality
Nobel Prize Museum
December 2021

Alessandro Lupi’s research has developed over the years by working on a strong experimentation on matter, light and shadow.
Each work is an invention and investigates in a different way the way we perceive reality,
each time trying to start from space and dialoguing with it.
His collaborations with scientists, physicists, philosophers, sociologists,
permeate his research in an attempt to create real perceptual,
poetic and immersive experiments in which the public can participate, relate and reflect.
His works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces.
Objects, sculptures and large installations that have in common
the possibility of stimulating the imagination, allowing interaction,
using a poetics that starts with archetypal elements, but seeks to explore unknown lands.

Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions